In October 2018 Webkon announced their joint venture with Apex Insurance to provide India’s first Lite App platform for Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals. Webkon, a game changing Lite App Builder Platform that can create apps like Flipkart Lite or Facebook Lite apps. Built using Google’s latest PWA technology, the platform can be customized to create Lite Apps for any industry. And this time – it came up with the Lite App solution for Doctors that can revolutionise the way Indian healthcare app industry operates.

India’s healthcare is one of the sector that has immense possibilities of using new technologies and improve the overall service standard. And mobile applications are increasingly playing a vital role using larger customer base and convenience of access of information on-demand. According to studies, 93% doctors believe that healthcare apps can bring improvement in patient’s health and 80% of the physicians are using the mobile technology to deliver the patient care.

There are already many online appointment booking native mobile apps in the Indian market where doctors can list their services and patient can search through it and book appointment as needed. However, apart from appointment booking, there are problems like legitimacy of data, accuracy in data generation and most importantly communication between patient and doctor is highly overlooked through existing app platforms. And it’s not only the patients who are affected but the entire medical industry is facing the same problem including doctors, clinics, hospitals and patients.

“93% doctors believe that healthcare apps can bring improvement in patient’s health and 80% of the physicians are using the mobile technology to deliver the patient care.”

We at Webkon, understood these problems when we first came to discuss with Apex Insurance early in August 2018. Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd ( is India’s only complete risk management company for Doctors and Hospitals with it’s Pan India Presence and 20+ offices all over India. They provide best in class Medico-legal services and Indemnity Insurance. With existing customer base of 60000+ and network of 250k+ doctors they are one of the largest company in India in Medico-legal insurance sector and they had the first hand experience of the problems dealing with every segment of the healthcare industry.

We understood that Webkon’s Lite App platform can really bring solutions to these problems with custom made features especially suitable for Doctors and Clinics. But before we look into how Webkon can solve the problems, let’s take a closer look at the problems of current healthcare native apps for better understanding.

How many of us are really using Mobile Apps other than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Let’s face it – having a count of 1M download beside the name of the app in App stores doesn’t mean 1 million people are using it. It is just a simple count of total download and it doesn’t show how many times the app has been uninstalled! Check your own phone or your relative’s phone for any healthcare app – and you will know the answer. Native mobile apps that requires users to download and then install which takes lot of your mobile memory space – no one uses them unless it is something you need everyday!

What you see in the search result of your healthcare App – is that data legitimate?

Do you know how the App ranks the doctors in it’s search result? Most of the apps in the healthcare industry offers premium services to the doctors against the promise of giving them a higher ranking in the search result. Search for cardiologist and you will find doctors with different specialties as well. This is not only a problem for patients but for doctors as well because in the process, a legitimate doctor may appear anywhere in the search result.

Do patients really search for doctors using any app?

The answer is No. If the patient is internet savvy, he or she will search on Google only. A standard search query will look like “Cardiologist in Mumbai”. And if you’re a doctor and using any of the directory services apps, then how can you be sure that you’ll appear in that search result? The answer is No again. You won’t appear unless you have your own digital presence even if you’re a cardiologist.

Directory listing of Doctors – does it bring more patients or create competition?

If you’re a Doctor and you want to be listed in any of the directory services then you should ask this question – how can you stand out from rest of the crowd? Having yourself listed in any of the directory services simply create more competition for you. Because when a patient searches for you, unless the patient knows your name, you’ll appear in a list of all similar doctors. And the chances are the premium account holder will get higher priority due to his high ranking in the search result.

How Doctors can create his own digital identity?

If you want to market yourself, you need to stand out. And having yourself listed in any of the directory services doesn’t allow you to do so. It only gives your certain fields to fill in which all other doctors are filling in. However, if you are really going for your digital presence, you should be showing your achievements, photo galleries, videos of conference you attended or share case studies where your made your mark so that patient can know who they are approaching for their vital decisions.

How Doctors can share update with their patients?

There is practically no possible way exists today except you, investing a lot of money on any other third party services who will reach your existing and potential patients with your updates. Be it a simple delay for an scheduled appointment – today, you or your assistant receives 100 calls everyday – just to share your whereabouts. No existing directory services in India allows you to communicate with your patients for such updates.

How Webkon Lite App for Doctors can Save the Day?

Webkon’s Lite Apps are – Lite! It doesn’t require downloading from app store and then installing it. A simple URL that’s all you get and can share using any other known platform like Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger and can also generate and print a QR Code in your print mediums like Visiting Card etc. And once anyone open up that link in their mobile, he or she gets connected with you.

Here are 10 major benefits of Webkon Lite Apps for Doctors and Patients


1. No Download No Installation

Webkon Lite App is URL or Web Link based. You simply share your app through all your preferred digital or print channels. All your patients need to do is click on the link and your own Lite App opens. Your patient will also have the option to add the app to their home screen for easy future access if they want to.

2. Personalized App

Unlike any other directory app, Webkon gives you the platform to have your own App. Make it the way you want and show the information best suitable for you. Starting from color, image to every bit of content and look and feel of your app is in your control. Also, you don’t need share any referral amount for your patients booking through your own app.

3. Google Listing

Your app is URL based and that means it can be access as a website from Desktop as well. Beside it is created using Google’s own technology that gets higher priority automatically for Google to search and index so your chances of appearing in the Google search result increases. Beside that, you can also do your own SEO through the platform itself.

4. Own Branding and Promotion

Create your own unique brand and stand out from the crowd. Share your achievements, case studies and photo gallery with your patients so that they know what you’re up to. This helps you create your own digital presence and branding which help in promoting you as a Doctor.

5. Digital Presence

Having your own app makes you stand apart. You can use the same URL as your website or get your own custom domain and start using the app against your own domain. This gives your better search visibility among your competition and helps you get more appointments online.

6. Schedule Management

Like any other directory listing, you can also create and manage your schedules through Webkon and allow your patients to book appointments. You can also restrict the maximum number of appointments that can be booked through your app and most importantly – there’s no referral amount to give away.

7. Push Notification

Webkon Lite App allows you to send PUSH notification to your patients. Your patients may have added your app in their home screen or may not, but if they have opened the app one time only, they will receive the push notification you send. Share your updates with all your patients or for any particular appointment where you may get delayed to reach and reduce the number of phone calls you receive.

8. Custom Patient Profile

You decide what standard data you need from your patient. Design your own patient profile that your patients will have to fill up as their profile information when registering. This way you can easily refer to your patients and get the key information on the go.

9. Update without support from any Development Team

Webkon’s intuitive template builder allows you to control the content. There is absolutely no necessity of going back to any development team to make changes to your app which is a very common thing if you decide to create your own native app. In Webkon Lite App platform, any change you made is available to your patients immediately.

10. Data Analytics

Webkon automatically does all the hard-work for you when it comes to data. It segreates and filters your data and gives you in-depth analysis regarding your apps performance and local presence if you’re interested.

Webkon Lite App for Doctors is the future

Thanks to the benefits that Webkon Lite App for Doctors provide to patients as well as to Doctors, there’s no stopping to this shift. For a Doctor, Webkon brings solutions to all the downsides of existing mobile app market in healthcare industry and for Patients it is way easier to remain connected and up-to-date regarding their regular doctors through this platform.

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