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PWAs are a boon for both app makers and users. PWAs help in acquiring customers faster and easier as compared to native apps. Not only do they eliminate the need to download them but the fact that they turn up in search engine results makes them more versatile. What makes PWAs the ultimate choice is that the URL, their access gateway, can be slipped anywhere on the internet and can be accessed by anyone with just a click. They can be put in places where native apps can never reach. Hence, when it comes to promoting a PWA one has more tools at one’s disposal.

Let us look at some of the options through which you can promote your PWA’s URL.


There is no platform like social media for promotions. Most of the people gather their information from social media and since it is the most accessible platform that there is, promoting an URL on the social media is the best option. There are a few pointers to be kept in mind on how to promote your PWAs URL on social media:

A. Your URL should be displayed in the “about” section of all your social media platforms.

B. You can offer points on customers’ loyalty cards if and when they share your URL. This not only gives you more exposure but also lets the users earn reward points.

C. Creating contests in which users can enter via shareable link participation is great way to promote your URL.

D. The link on your Instagram should change and should correspond to your recent posts so that anytime users can visit specific sites on the websites following that link.


Promoting your PWA through referral links is the most popular way to bring traffic to your site. It can be done through paid links on other websites or strategic link exchange or even putting up your link in your bio. Such promotions through Referrals have always given results. Making these links dofollow will also boost your SEO.


Basic advertisements should be displayed on Google and other popular search engines. However, your platform of choice should depend on the audience you want to cater to. Apart from this, advertising on social media platforms should be a must.


One should always have a customer database. They could be your newsletter sign-ups, existing customers, landing page visitors, users who fill your lead/query form. A strategic newsletter with your PWA links, targeting these customers, is an ideal way to not only reach out to your existing customers but also acquire new ones. You can also derive data on what your user wants and how you can customize your product based on their needs.


There are some obvious advertising spaces which most advisers fail to take advantage of. For example, your email signature. There are tons of emails that are being sent out every day. Putting your PWA link on your email signature helps people find out more about you easily. Brochures, business cards, and other tangible advertising handouts are also great for advertising your PWA link. Since native apps cannot be promoted in such spaces, promoting your PWA link in this way becomes easy and cost-efficient.


Users rely on Google and other such internet directories for more or less everything. Therefore, any source which aggregates similar businesses as yours should be on the top of your advertising list. TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Google My Business are some of the top names. You can also look for other local directories which are not only free but also trusted by the customers.


QR codes are probably the easiest way to spread your PWA link. They can be placed anywhere and can be accessed instantly by users. You can either direct the users to your PWA homepage or a particular section on the website.


The hyperlink has proven time and time again to be the most powerful model of distribution as we can see in the enormous success of the internet, which works out nicely since it is the basis of PWA circulation as well. PWA’s are like going back to the basics with a twist, the power of the URL is infinite and with the advancements in technology made every day, we keep gaining continuous access to these possibilities.

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