The Physical Web: A Hidden World That Will Change Things Forever
The latest trend in retail marketing has proven that Bluetooth beacons are a successful bridge between physical and digital realms. The hidden world of beacons will surely change the way we access information. Beacons are scattered everywhere, beneath your feet, on streetlights, retail stores, everywhere. These tiny devices broadcast Bluetooth signal that are short-ranged. These short-ranged signals signify proximity. By determining proximity and with the use of strings of characters, these beacons recognize the devices it needs to connect with.

Let us see a simple example that a beacon can perform. For instance, a beacon recognizes your smartphone. You start receiving notifications and alerts of a voucher or discount in a shop. You may be standing outside this shop. Imagine, beacons are handed over the power to unlock the doors or change the music when you walk in or out of your room. You can imagine the power of beacons

Now let us consider a more complex example that will let you know what beacons can do. The potential to monitor location, map data and carry out transactions with the help of internet is apple-of-the-eye feature of beacons. Beacons with internet can effectively monitor where you go or how long you wait or stay at a place. It even has the power to know who else is with you. With these little devices, you can accurately pay for a movie in the multiplex. What is appealing to know is that beacons can also tell the number of times you walked past a store. With such immense power, beacons are here to change the way people look towards marketing.

Beacons can easily broadcast three times in a single second. Although these broadcasts or signals are small yet they last for a long time and are also capable of sending unique information constantly.

Importance of beacons
Beacons can meet the needs of the users at the right time and in the right place.  Where else will you see a platform that allows physical objects to connect with digital devices. Beacons have a lot to offer if used properly. It is sure to improve the way we interact with things in our surroundings. These small devices have transformational ability that will change the worth of several businesses. With millions saved in efficiency costs, simpler lives of customers, and direct communication through digital devices, businesses will soon see the impact beacons will bring in their processes.

Beacons can easily prompt a shopper checking out a product to open an app that offers additional information about his interest. Be a museum, a warehouse, an airport or a bus stop, beacons are making their way in every domain.

Importance of Eddystone
There was a time when iBeacon was the only player but after Google launched Eddystone, the tables have turned. Eddystone has become a game changer. It has been designed in an open format. Thus, it can support multiple frame types. In addition, the beacons that come along with Eddystone are far more flexible as it allows cloud-control of content. Furthermore, Eddystone beacons can broadcast a web URL to the mobile devices of the users through mobile browsers. Here is where lies the difference between the beacons created by Apple and Google. iBeacons depend on apps whereas Eddystone does not. Eddystone also offer data on temperature and battery status of beacons.
It is prominent that Eddystone will soon overshadow iBeacons. But the battle is far from over. The market and market needs will act as the deciding factors for the battle. As for now Eddystone beacons are secure than iBeacons.

Written by webkon_blog