Eddystone Beacons at Events: 5 Campaign Ideas that Every Event can use

Events heavily depends on technology these days. Be it musical festival or a Sporting event or a tech conference, if you want to drive audience and improve the attendance you need technology to make sure that the event becomes popular and successful. There is a huge plethora of technology available these days, choosing the best amongst that can be an exhilarating task. But if researches are to be believed over 60 percent of event planners depend on mobile app these days for making their events a huge success.

Innovative mobile Technology, Eddystone Beacon can help businesses to solve important functions like attendee engagement, event marketing and ticket sales. With a beacon technology, performing event-related functions like attending the needs of attendees is as easy as a walk in the park. Attendees can simply download the event app to avoid the last-minute hurdles. These apps as well as Eddystone beacons are a great way to deliver value to events. They are not only effective but also cost efficient. Eddystones help the organizers to send contextual and precise messages to the attendees or the users directly on their smartphones.

I can help you in understanding campaigning ideas for events in a systematic manner so that you can comprehend how Eddystone and iBeacons can help solve important issues and cases that are involved with events.

First, you need to set your campaign objective which must be very precise and should help promote your event.

1. Running special promotions
Main objective of such a campaign is to offer special promotions at certain place of the venue. Every event is crowded, so is every area. To drive engagement of customers you need to create campaigns that motivate them to attend event. For instance, there is a musical event wherein several bands are performing. You can create a campaign name ‘Exclusive photoshoot’ and attach a message “Join the Junoon concert to enjoy a photo session at a discounted rate of ₹ 1500 at the backstage’. By doing so you can improve business and at the same time help increasing the footfall at the concert.

2. Assisting navigation
Events can be a chaos if the visitors have problem in finding out their ways. what can certainly become a hit is a campaign that helps the users to reach areas of events without any problems. Maps are mostly needed when there is a large venue or there are multiple sections. Navigation-friendly maps in iBeacons can help in an effective way to solve this issue. A campaign name like ‘Events map’ that comes along with a message of ‘Easily navigate the Urooj Grounds and find your favorite stall with just a tap’ will surely become a hit. Attendees will surely use your app for navigating the event as they would get a detailed idea of the layout.

3. Sending live updates
Sporting events such as football game, bike rally, and car races can often need updates as the game constantly changes every second. It can be very exciting for the attendees to know updates about every minute. For instance, the campaign name ‘Live updates’ can come along with a display message of ‘Find out the latest scores and interesting information about the game by just clicking on live update’. You will surely get huge number of users for this app.

4. Promoting Merchandise sales
It has become a fashion to incorporate co-branded event merchandisers while organizing a popular event. It is a great way of encouraging attendees to buy something that is being sold within the premises of the event. Events can be considered a platform to persuade customers on buying a certain product that is being sold in the events. For instance, a campaign name of ‘Merchandise sales’ can come along with a message of ‘Buy tees, watches, bags and other exclusive products at Stall number 1 at discounted rate’.

5. Triggering ticket sales
Huge events usually have several small events or shows that require the attendees to buy separate tickets. Event organizers would need to input extra and additional efforts to make such small events successful. With iBeacons or Eddystones, such events can be seamlessly promoted. For instance, the campaign name for such an event can be ‘Show Tickets’ with a trigger message ‘Enjoy the dazzling light show at 6:00 pm. Order tickets at stall 3. Buy within an hour for availing discounts on ticket price’.

iBeacons and Eddystones are the best ways to kick start your campaign as quickly as a blink of an eye. Use these technological devices to make your event a success.

Written by webkon_blog